Artist Interview with Nicola Troll

Hi Nicola, tell us about your inspiration...

I love etching and the textures you can get with the process.  I am inspired by landscapes and places that I have been to.  I love colour so that generally forms part of my work.

How did you get into etching?

I got into etching following my first visit to Australia.  I was very inspired and wanted to do some screen printing.  I couldn’t find anywhere I could screenprint, but there was an evening class in etching and I fell in love with the process.

And what have you been working on since the last show?

I have been producing a series of aquatints. Quite a few of these have come from my visit to Iceland last December.  It is a beautiful country and was as interesting to visit in the winter with their short days as it is during the summer. Other work has been inspired by places in the UK. The highlight was getting into Artrooms last year.  I was an interesting experience.

How long have you been at Wimbledon Art Studios?

I have been at Wimbledon Studios for several years now.  I enjoy meeting and other artists and have made some good friends.  It has also provided me with some good opportunities and encouraged me to apply for wider exhibitions.  I have made some good friends as a result of being here. 

For more information about Nicola and her process, you can visit her in studio 306 at the Wimbledon Art Fair, from 16th - 19th November 2017.