Artist Interview with Brad Kenny

Brad recently joined the studio and is about to embark on his first Wimbledon Art Fair! We’ve been chatting to him about how he’s settling in and what we can expect to see at the show in November.


Hi Brad, so tell us a bit about yourself…

I’ve been working as a full-time artist for three years following graduation from the University of Chichester. I am a contemporary artist specialising in portraiture and figurative representation of the human condition.

And how are you enjoying life at Wimbledon Art Studios?

Wimbledon Art Studios is my third studio location in recent years. I am impressed by the facilities, the social network and idea sharing. The artist community generates an atmosphere of creativity where encouragement, inspirations and ideas are discussed and shared regularly.

A word about the support staff.  They are friendly and welcoming and promote the opportunities that we all benefit from.

Aww thanks, we always like to help! So what’s your inspiration?


People. I am attracted to the challenges of the Expressionist characteristics of strong, even lurid, colours and abstraction/distortion, exploring human emotions.

We’d love to know what you’ve been working on…

I am concentrating on works for my upcoming shows in Islington and Guildford at the moment, examples can be seen on my social media. I’m also very excited to be preparing for an exhibition in New York next year – keep an eye out!

That all sounds very exciting. Thanks for chatting to us and we look forward to seeing your works in studio 267 at Wimbledon Art Fair from the 15 - 18 November.

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