London Artists

Artist Interview with Zoe Anker

From painting to ceramics, photography to printmaking and everything in between, Wimbledon Art Fair offers the opportunity to explore the working studios of London’s most exciting contemporary artists and makers, and buy art directly from the person who made it.

With just two months to go, we’ve been chatting to printmaker Zoe Anker

Hi Zoe, so it’s safe to say you love bright colours - is that your inspiration?


Yes, it is! I love colour, I love to travel and I love graffiti.

So how would you describe your practice?

I am a printmaker, specialising in screen printing. I am known for my vivid colours and my use of geometric shapes.

What can we expect to see at this November’s Wimbledon Art Fair?

My body of work for the next show will see a continuation of juxtaposition of colour and shape. I’ve also been working on some larger scale pieces which I will be including too.

Have you got any other exhibitions coming up?


Yes, I am exhibiting at Gallery@OXO at the end of September, as part of the annual A Letter in Mind charity fundraiser. Each artist donates a piece of work on an envelope, which will be sold for £85 each. All money is raised for The National Brain Appeal, which funds to advance treatment and research at The National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery and the Institute of Neurology, so it’s a lovely event to be part of.

And finally, what do you enjoy about being at Wimbledon Art Studios?

Having been in and around Wimbledon Art Studios for a few years now, I mainly enjoy the social and community environment. It’s great to be surrounded by such a diverse array of amazing artists… I love being here!

Thanks Zoe, we look forward to seeing you in studio 103 at Wimbledon Art Fair, from the 15 - 18 November 2018.

Artist Interview with Carolyn Tripp

Carolyn Tripp recently joined the studios and will be taking part in Wimbledon Art Fair this November for the first time. We caught up with her in the run up to the show to find out what she’s up to…


Hi Carolyn, where did it all begin for you, what’s your inspiration?

My inspiration originates from a tiny porcelain green bottle I was given by my grandmother when I was a child. That and broken pieces of pottery I have found over the years on the foreshore of the Thames.

How would you describe your work?

I work with porcelain, decorated with brightly coloured, mismatched patterns.

What should we expect to see at Wimbledon Art Fair?

I am hoping to introduction a new colour… we’ll see!

We hear you’ve got a busy few months, what are you up to?

I am at Made Marylebone in October and Handmade in Chelsea in November. Plus the Wimbledon Art Fair and I’ll be at the Leeds Design and Craft Centre until Christmas.

What do you love about being an artist at Wimbledon Art Studios?


I’m new here and am absolutely loving it. The light I have in my studio is such a revelation - coming from an arch! Also everyone is so friendly and helpful. It’s also great to have a named address to send deliveries too!

Find out more about Carolyn and her work here or come and see her in studio 507 at Wimbledon Art Fair from the 15 - 18 November 2018.