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Artist Interview with Ariadna Dane

Having launched her artistic career at the May Open Studios, we were keen to catch up with Ariadna Dane to see what she's been up to since the last show. 

Hi Ariadna, how have you settled in to life at Wimbledon Art Studios?
Very well, thank you. I love the atmosphere of creativity, friendliness and support for each other that we have in the studios. During my first week here, I spend a lot of time just knocking at studio’s doors, trying to get to know as many people as I could. I received such a warm welcome from the residents - this made me feel instantly at home. 

We're glad to hear it! The May Open Studios marked the start of your artistic career, how do you think it went? 
It was so exciting to show my work for the first time. Although I have been interested and involved in art throughout my life, my background is in finance, which is a completely different world. The May Open Studios exhibition, went better than I expected. It was very encouraging to make my first sales, have some meaningful feedback from the visitors and gain a representation from a well-known art consultancy.

So what can we expect from you at the next show?
Having spent the beginning of this year experimenting and researching, I have now created two bodies of work: Organic Wreaths and Basal Elements, which I will exhibit at the November show. Both feature ink on paper and cutouts. The former is a colourful work while the latter is monochrome.

The creative process is very “alive” thanks to the mediums and techniques I use and the resulting work also continuously changes: the cutouts create distinctive shadows, as the lighting changes throughout the day. I love it that there is life to my work, especially since I am inspired by all things natural. 

I continue experimenting, as I want my work to constantly evolve and change, so be prepared for some exiting new results. 

To find out more about Ariadna's work visit or find her in studio 414 at the Wimbledon Art Fair from the 16th - 19th November 2017.


Artist Interview with Richard Knight

Hi Richard, so tell us about your work?

My paintings attempt to capture the perpetually evolving patterns and rhythms of light created by architecture, landscape and people. I paint this 'dance to the music of time' by fusing observational drawing with colour, texture and pattern, I want the spectator to recognise what and where I paint and enjoy my interpretation of familiar places and situations.

Anything new for the May Open Studios?

Having spent some time in New York last year I will be showing some of my impressionist work from there.

Where did your career start?

After an upbringing on the family farm on the coast of North Cornwall, I left my tractor behind to train in graphic design and illustration at Kingston University in the mid '80s. I’ve since spent thirty years in the creative industry in London, first as an illustrator and graphic designer, and now as a full time artist.

Apart from the May Open Studios, where else can we see your work?

My work can be seen at the Art Agency, Esher, Catherine Miller Gallery, Chelsea among others. My work appeared at the Battersea Affordable Art fair in March with the Art Agency then at the Hampstead Affordable in May with Mint Gallery.

Highlights of your career so far?

In 2016, I was chosen to appear on Sky Landscape Artist of the Year, my work is mostly ‘Urban impressionism'

What do you enjoy about being at WAS?

Mixing with other artists, having the facilities available to show my work twice a year in the Open Studios and the sheer convenience of a studio so close to central London.

To find out more about Richard Knight and his work visit