Artist Interview with Fred Coppin

Artist Interview with Fred Coppin

In March this year, we welcomed Fred Coppin to studio 403 and we’re delighted he will be participating in the upcoming Wimbledon Art Fair from the 9 - 12 May. A former Creative / Marketing Consultant for Nike and Red Bull, Fred is also a personal trainer, whilst focusing on his painting. We’ve been catching up with him to see how he’s been settling in…

Fred Coppin in studio 403

Fred Coppin in studio 403

Hi Fred, so tell us about your work.

My previous show was titled ‘Angles & Optimism’ which I think sums by work up fairly well. I create largely figurative work but through an uplifting, colourful, playful lense.

What can we look forward to seeing at Wimbledon Art Fair?

I’m currently working on a new series of paintings that has adds a bit of a surrealist layer to my previous work by utilising the power of random generation to determine the objects / items in the image. It’s then my job as the artist to prioritise and arrange these into a final composition. It’s a fun process – collaborating with chance. 

Heatwave , Fred Coppin

Heatwave, Fred Coppin

What are your artistic career highlights so far?

Well 2018 was a pretty great year for me; I won the Artist Magazine Award at the Royal Institute of Oil Painters Exhibition at the Mall Galleries and had a sell-out show in Shoreditch.

How are you enjoying being an artist at Wimbledon Art Studios?

I absolutely love it. It’s the perfect environment and there’s lovely light in m studio. I am in my element.

Jack,  Fred Coppin

Jack, Fred Coppin

What are you most excited about the upcoming show?

I’ve only been at the studios for a couple of months so I’m looking forward to meeting the community a little more and soaking up lots of new ideas.

Thanks Fred, we look forward to visiting you in studio 403 at Wimbledon Art Fair from the 9 - 12 May.