Artist Interview with Fred Coppin

Artist Interview with Fred Coppin

In March this year, we welcomed Fred Coppin to studio 403 and we’re delighted he will be participating in the upcoming Wimbledon Art Fair from the 9 - 12 May. A former Creative / Marketing Consultant for Nike and Red Bull, Fred is also a personal trainer, whilst focusing on his painting. We’ve been catching up with him to see how he’s been settling in…

Fred Coppin in studio 403

Fred Coppin in studio 403

Hi Fred, so tell us about your work.

My previous show was titled ‘Angles & Optimism’ which I think sums by work up fairly well. I create largely figurative work but through an uplifting, colourful, playful lense.

What can we look forward to seeing at Wimbledon Art Fair?

I’m currently working on a new series of paintings that has adds a bit of a surrealist layer to my previous work by utilising the power of random generation to determine the objects / items in the image. It’s then my job as the artist to prioritise and arrange these into a final composition. It’s a fun process – collaborating with chance. 

Heatwave , Fred Coppin

Heatwave, Fred Coppin

What are your artistic career highlights so far?

Well 2018 was a pretty great year for me; I won the Artist Magazine Award at the Royal Institute of Oil Painters Exhibition at the Mall Galleries and had a sell-out show in Shoreditch.

How are you enjoying being an artist at Wimbledon Art Studios?

I absolutely love it. It’s the perfect environment and there’s lovely light in m studio. I am in my element.

Jack,  Fred Coppin

Jack, Fred Coppin

What are you most excited about the upcoming show?

I’ve only been at the studios for a couple of months so I’m looking forward to meeting the community a little more and soaking up lots of new ideas.

Thanks Fred, we look forward to visiting you in studio 403 at Wimbledon Art Fair from the 9 - 12 May.

VIDEO: Interview with Dawn Beckles

VIDEO: Artist Interview with Dawn Beckles

As Wimbledon Art Studios prepares for the upcoming Art Fair, we've been catching up with Dawn Beckles on Barbados, her new collection and what we should expect at Wimbledon Art Fair.

Visit Dawn in studio 143 at Wimbledon Art Fair from the 9-12 May 2019.

Artist Interview with Richard Knight

Hi Richard, so tell us about your work?

My paintings attempt to capture the perpetually evolving patterns and rhythms of light created by architecture, landscape and people. I paint this 'dance to the music of time' by fusing observational drawing with colour, texture and pattern, I want the spectator to recognise what and where I paint and enjoy my interpretation of familiar places and situations.

Anything new for the May Open Studios?

Having spent some time in New York last year I will be showing some of my impressionist work from there.

Where did your career start?

After an upbringing on the family farm on the coast of North Cornwall, I left my tractor behind to train in graphic design and illustration at Kingston University in the mid '80s. I’ve since spent thirty years in the creative industry in London, first as an illustrator and graphic designer, and now as a full time artist.

Apart from the May Open Studios, where else can we see your work?

My work can be seen at the Art Agency, Esher, Catherine Miller Gallery, Chelsea among others. My work appeared at the Battersea Affordable Art fair in March with the Art Agency then at the Hampstead Affordable in May with Mint Gallery.

Highlights of your career so far?

In 2016, I was chosen to appear on Sky Landscape Artist of the Year, my work is mostly ‘Urban impressionism'

What do you enjoy about being at WAS?

Mixing with other artists, having the facilities available to show my work twice a year in the Open Studios and the sheer convenience of a studio so close to central London.

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Artist Interview with Tim Goffe

We hear you've been shortlisted for the Royal Academy Summer Show, congratulations! Tell us a bit about your work...

Drawing on my past as a photographer, my work is observational but indulges in a painterly approach. I'm known for urban and industrial scenes, empty shops, service stations, airports, interiors, light and its power to transform is always the key initial inspiration.

Are you working on anything new for the 2017 Open Studios? Anything exciting we should look out for?

All of the above, as well as the continuing the investigation into the interiors of stately homes. New print editions and a secret surprise!

That does sound exciting. Where can we find your work at the moment?

Currently showing in Dynamite Gallery Brighton. Often to be seen in the Federation of British Artists shows at the Mall Galleries and Zimmer Stuart Arundel.

Any awards?

In 2014 I received The Gordon Hulson Memorial Prize for Draughtsmanship, Variety & Exploration at the RBA show at the Mall Galleries

Any celebrity or well-known gallery buyers? (you can mention)

Yes, some well known but secretive collectors, you’ll have to trust me on this one :)

Thanks Tim, we look forward to see your work at the Open Studios.

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