Artist Interview with Printmaker Nicola Troll

Artist Interview with Printmaker Nicola Troll

Hi Nicola, tell us about your inspiration...

I love etching and the textures you can get with the process.  I am inspired by landscapes and places that I have been to.  I love colour so that generally forms part of my work.

How did you get into etching?

I got into etching following my first visit to Australia.  I was very inspired and wanted to do some screen printing.  I couldn’t find anywhere I could screenprint, but there was an evening class in etching and I fell in love with the process.

And what have you been working on since the last show?

I have been producing a series of aquatints. Quite a few of these have come from my visit to Iceland last December.  It is a beautiful country and was as interesting to visit in the winter with their short days as it is during the summer. Other work has been inspired by places in the UK. The highlight was getting into Artrooms last year.  I was an interesting experience.

How long have you been at Wimbledon Art Studios?

I have been at Wimbledon Studios for several years now.  I enjoy meeting and other artists and have made some good friends.  It has also provided me with some good opportunities and encouraged me to apply for wider exhibitions.  I have made some good friends as a result of being here. 

For more information about Nicola and her process, you can visit her in studio 306 at the Wimbledon Art Fair, from 16th - 19th November 2017. 

Artist Interview with Judith Brenner

Artist Interview with Judith Brenner

Hi Judith, so tell us a bit about your work?

I create abstract paintings using acrylic paint, metal powders and pigments. I also work from life on my iPad which I print as limited editions. 

What can we expect for the November show?

I have been working towards a solo show and the paintings have become more painterly and textured along the way. I have had lots of new metal powders to rust in different ways.

Would you say you were an upcoming or established artist?

Finally feeling more established but still got a way to go! This year I have been shortlisted for the 2017 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, National Open Art Competition and Jackson’s Art Atmospheric Acrylics

What do you enjoy about being at Wimbledon Art Studios?

The community feel and sharing ideas, making collaborative art and learning from my peers.

You can find Judith in studio 138 at the Wimbledon Art Fair on the 16th - 19th November, or visit for more information.

Artist Interview with Ariadna Dane

Artist Interview with Ariadna Dane

Having launched her artistic career at the May Open Studios, we were keen to catch up with Ariadna Dane to see what she's been up to since the last show. 

Hi Ariadna, how have you settled in to life at Wimbledon Art Studios?
Very well, thank you. I love the atmosphere of creativity, friendliness and support for each other that we have in the studios. During my first week here, I spend a lot of time just knocking at studio’s doors, trying to get to know as many people as I could. I received such a warm welcome from the residents - this made me feel instantly at home. 

We're glad to hear it! The May Open Studios marked the start of your artistic career, how do you think it went? 
It was so exciting to show my work for the first time. Although I have been interested and involved in art throughout my life, my background is in finance, which is a completely different world. The May Open Studios exhibition, went better than I expected. It was very encouraging to make my first sales, have some meaningful feedback from the visitors and gain a representation from a well-known art consultancy.

So what can we expect from you at the next show?
Having spent the beginning of this year experimenting and researching, I have now created two bodies of work: Organic Wreaths and Basal Elements, which I will exhibit at the November show. Both feature ink on paper and cutouts. The former is a colourful work while the latter is monochrome.

The creative process is very “alive” thanks to the mediums and techniques I use and the resulting work also continuously changes: the cutouts create distinctive shadows, as the lighting changes throughout the day. I love it that there is life to my work, especially since I am inspired by all things natural. 

I continue experimenting, as I want my work to constantly evolve and change, so be prepared for some exiting new results. 

To find out more about Ariadna's work visit or find her in studio 414 at the Wimbledon Art Fair from the 16th - 19th November 2017.


Plan your visit to the Open Studios

Plan your visit to the Open Studios

When is the Wimbledon Open Studios open?
Thursday 11th - Sunday 14th May 2017
Thurs & Fri 2pm - 10pm
Sat & Sun 11am - 6.30pm

Do I need to book a ticket?
There's no need to book your FREE ticket to the Wimbledon Open Studios, but if you do you could win £200 to spend at the show! Entries close at midnight on Sunday 7th May - enter here

How do I get there?
By car: 
We have limited parking available, please use public transport where possible. 
By rail: Our nearest stations are Tooting Broadway (Northern Line) and Earlsfield (National Rail)
By bus: The 44/77/270 run along Garrett Lane, between Tooting Broadway and Earlsfield Stations. 
The 493 can be taken from Wimbledon Railway Station, along Plough Lane. Alight at the Wimbledon Stadium Stop.

Will there be anything for the children to do?
There certainly is! Jacqui Kelly of Totally Sugar is holding Kids' chocolate teddy bear making workshop on Saturday & Sunday at 2pm, in studio 24. Plus we'll have a trail to keep the little ones occupied.

Are there any other activities?
From pottery demonstrations to Abstract Art talks, there's something for everyone. See our full events programme here 

Is there food and drink available at the Open Studios?
Yes, we have The Flying Ducks and Mood Food Cafe providing teas, coffees and refreshments over the weekend. Or you can enjoy a glass of Prosecco or a beer in one of the bars.
Making a day of it? Pop into Ben's Canteen for a delicious brunch or hearty burger before or after the show. 

I am in a wheelchair, can I still come?
You certainly can! There is disabled access to 7 out of the 8 floors, so there's plenty to see. Disabled toilets and blue badge parking bays will also be available. 

Can I pay by card at the Open Studios?
Yes, there are card machines in the payment office and in the bar.

How can I support the Open Studios?
As a not-for-profit organisation, we are very grateful for any support we receive. There will be a number of donation stations across the 8 floors. Recommended donation is £4, which will go a long way to helping fund the show and supporting our artists. 

When is the next Open Studios?
The next Open Studios is the 16th - 19th November 2017. Keep up to date with the Wimbledon Art Studios artists until then by pre-booking your ticket here. Plus we'll give you priority access to online sales and events. 


Artist Interview with Richard Knight

Artist Interview with Richard Knight

Hi Richard, so tell us about your work?

My paintings attempt to capture the perpetually evolving patterns and rhythms of light created by architecture, landscape and people. I paint this 'dance to the music of time' by fusing observational drawing with colour, texture and pattern, I want the spectator to recognise what and where I paint and enjoy my interpretation of familiar places and situations.

Anything new for the May Open Studios?

Having spent some time in New York last year I will be showing some of my impressionist work from there.

Where did your career start?

After an upbringing on the family farm on the coast of North Cornwall, I left my tractor behind to train in graphic design and illustration at Kingston University in the mid '80s. I’ve since spent thirty years in the creative industry in London, first as an illustrator and graphic designer, and now as a full time artist.

Apart from the May Open Studios, where else can we see your work?

My work can be seen at the Art Agency, Esher, Catherine Miller Gallery, Chelsea among others. My work appeared at the Battersea Affordable Art fair in March with the Art Agency then at the Hampstead Affordable in May with Mint Gallery.

Highlights of your career so far?

In 2016, I was chosen to appear on Sky Landscape Artist of the Year, my work is mostly ‘Urban impressionism'

What do you enjoy about being at WAS?

Mixing with other artists, having the facilities available to show my work twice a year in the Open Studios and the sheer convenience of a studio so close to central London.

To find out more about Richard Knight and his work visit




Artist interview with Michael Wallner

Artist interview with Michael Wallner

Hi Michael, how would you describe your work?

My art celebrates the beauty of the city through the shapes and outlines that define its character. The work is created by digitally manipulating my own photographs to produce unusual works of art on brushed aluminium, reclaimed wood, brass, even a 1930’s window, as well as neon, magnetic, and L.E.D installations. 

What are your influences?

Most weeks you’ll find me wandering the streets trying to find unusual angles to photograph London from. In particular I love views from high buildings. On a few occasions I have hired helicopters which allow me to fly without the doors on to achieve better shots to work from. 

I also have work celebrating the landmarks and landscapes of New York, Paris, Dubai, Singapore, Miami, Amsterdam, and Hong Kong.

Without giving too much away, what should we look forward to from you, this year?

Hopefully this year my work will be a little more abstract and there will be more ‘light' art - either with L.E.Ds or neon. There may also be work on concrete. 

Where did your career begin?

I studied photography as part of a Communications Masters Degree at the University of Florida. 

Before becoming a full time artist I worked as a Television Producer working on light entertainment, chat shows, property programmes, documentaries, and an animation. 

Have you won any awards?

Under 11 Sack Race Champion. 

Where might we have seen you and your work recently?

My Battersea Power Station neon piece was featured in the Evening Standard in an article about an exhibition of Battersea Power Station art in 2015. Battersea Power Station bought the piece. 

Mat Kemp and I were interview on BBC Radio London Robert Elms Show (not by him but his stand-in) about our group show A River Runs Through It in 2016. 

Would not want to mention my buyers by name but there are one or two CEOs of top businesses and corporations.

What do you enjoy about being at WAS?

The landlord. The warmth of my studio, no wait, that’s my flat. Always get them mixed up. 

Working amongst so many talented artists has really helped develop my work. Being here has encouraged me to experiment with new and unusual materials. 

For more information on Michael Wallner and his practice visit

Artist Interview with Alex Rennie

Artist Interview with Alex Rennie

Hi Alex, so how long have you been at Wimbledon Art Studios?

A long time... I'm coming up to my seventh year here.

And how would you describe your art and influences?

I work across a few disciplines with oil paint. Generally speaking, I'm interested in my home town of London and the movement of people. I am known for figurative and textural realism, trompe l'oeil illusions and a glowing red hue which appears in much of my work.

Where can we see your work?

My work can be seen at Waterhouse and Dodd gallery in Mayfair and New York, and of course at the Wimbledon Open Studios in May.

We hear you’re involved in an exciting project this year…

Yes! I'm beginning work on a project in collaboration with the Rural Refugee Network charity, which will address the mass migration of Syrian refugees into Europe and the UK and the challenges of finding safety. It’s a really amazing charity and I’m thrilled to be involved.

What are you most notable exhibitions: 

I've been involved in some great exhibitions, probably most notably:
- John Moores Painting Prize, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool 2016 - featured artist
- Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize, Mall Galleries, London 2016 - featured artist
- BP portrait award, National Portrait Gallery 2005 - featured artist

Any celebrity or well-known gallery buyers?

The actress Stephanie Cole bought a piece in 2006!

And finally, what should we expect to see at the Open Studios?

I'm not sure what I'll be showing at the Open Studios, I'm exploring several strands of work right now, so watch this space.

To find out more about Alex's work, visit his website at

Artist Interview with Emma-Leone Palmer

Artist Interview with Emma-Leone Palmer

So how do you see yourself, upcoming or established?

'Emerging artist'.. (what a weird thing to be called.. like you are slimy bug-like thing crawling out from under a rock with your paint brushes!!)

Where can we see your work at the moment?

Currently exhibiting at the Store Street Gallery, for the London Contemporary Art Prize. The Graham Hunter Gallery in February and The Wallace Collection in April

What are you known for and what's your inspiration?

The 'Paint Play’ series. Expressions get me going.. add a whole load of paint/glitter/lube smeared on the face and I’m just buzzing. 

What should we expect to see from you at the Open Studios in May 2017?

The WAS show gives the public a glimpse of my working studio. You can see finished paintings and work in progress amongst paint-splashed walls and pots of turps. I am currently working on ‘Paint Play’ pieces using glitter and expressions from exertion… watch this space.

So, some people may recognise you from the TV, can you tell us more?

*Blushing* You may have seen me painting Richard E. Grant on Sky Arts, Portrait Artist of The Year! Frank Skinner was a hoot! 

And any recent awards?

I recently won the London Contemporary Art Prize and received an award from Princess Michael of Kent at the SWA, The Mall Galleries.

Any celebrity or well-known gallery buyers? (that you can mention)

Sharron Davies MBE and Richard E. Grant both have paintings on their walls. I have also painted Mary Wondrausch OBE and Paul Rodgers

What do you enjoy about being at WAS?

The Community. You have to love the diversity of what goes on there; Popping into other artists studios, chewing over ideas, sharing creative highs and lows; We are all surfing different waves in the same ocean feeding our paint addiction!

You can see more of Emma-Leone's work on her website or her Instagram @emmaleonepalmer

Jilly Vainer shortlisted for Wildlife Artist of the Year 2017

Jilly Vainer shortlisted for Wildlife Artist of the Year 2017

We're delighted that Jilly Vainer, of studio 514, has been shortlisted for Wildlife Artist of the Year 2017. The exhibition will take place at the Mall Galleries from 27th June - 1st July. 

Jilly Vainer's macaque 'Snow Monkey' will be exhibited at the Mall Galleries as part of the Wildlife Artist of the Year 2017 exhibition

Jilly Vainer's macaque 'Snow Monkey' will be exhibited at the Mall Galleries as part of the Wildlife Artist of the Year 2017 exhibition


We caught up with Jilly in the lead up to the Open Studios in May.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, Jilly...

I am an upcoming artist specialising in wildlife/animal Sculptures, well known for my Dog/Horse portrait's and sculptures of endangered species. 

Where can we see your work?

The private members club “Leander” at Henley Regatta, has a permanent fixture of one of my Hippopotamus sculptures, as this is their mascot for the club.

Anything we should look forward to for the May Open Studios?

My latest collection captures the movement of migrating swallows, these are wall installations for indoors and outdoors and at the moment I am also working on a Spatuletail Humming bird.

What's your career highlight so far?

I was very happy to have one of my sculptures chosen by the “society of wildlife”, my hibernating Dormouse was exhibited at the “mallgalleries” in London SW1.

How has Wimbledon Art Studios helped your career?

WAS has offered me over the last 9 years a great platform and opportunity to show my work to the public at their twice-yearly exhibitions. Slowly this has turned a lifetime hobby in to a more commercial venture. The studios also offer a great sense of community and support this is very welcoming when you are starting any new venture.

Find out more about Jilly Vainer's work at 

Professional Art Buyers Day with Tabish Khan

Professional Art Buyers Day with Tabish Khan

The London Art Critic and Visual Arts Editor for the Londonist, Tabish Khan, will be hosting an event dedicated to professionals visiting the Open Studios on Friday 12th May.

Here’s a little insight on what Tabish loves about the Wimbledon Open Studio experience.

"I've been to the Open Studios at Wimbledon Art Studios several times and it's always enjoyable - I've even bought a piece from there. 

It's great to meet the artists in their own workspaces and it's a completely different experience to seeing art in galleries, which can often feel sterile and unwelcoming. Having a chat with artists in a more informal setting is a great opportunity to understand their work better and to appreciate the efforts that go into making their work.

I'm looking forward to the next open studios and I hope to see you there"

Friday 12th May 2017
2.30pm - Welcome drink and networking
3.30pm: Highlights of the Open Studios by Tabish Khan, followed by Q&A
4pm: Meet the Artists - guided tour with owner, Nigel Holman

RSVP is essential for this event
Book here now


Vaughn Horsman, the man behind the machine

Vaughn Horsman, the man behind the machine

How would you describe yourself and your work?

I consider myself an upcoming old guy. My art has been a very slow expression of crazy ideas which I dreamed about 20 years ago. Over time they have become more structured, more refined and more real. Most of them feel like being trapped inside an old science fiction movie… Which is a lot like normal life these days. I try to find humour and beauty in the experience.

I studied architecture rather than fine art. My paintings use architecture to make art these days.

Tell us about your practice...

I make art using computer code, machines and paint brushes. The mixture of media lets me say something about the present. Some people feel the beauty in the pieces. Most don’t. A good deal of visitors have to walk past my door a good few times before crossing the threshold. I guess you could accuse my work of being an acquired taste. Difficult to digest.

What can we look forward to at the show? Anything new for 2017?

In previous shows I have displayed a lot of small scale prototypes and models. Now that I’ve figured out how to actually make them, I’m going to be showing bold, large scale reliefs. I find that bigger is always better with art. Simple ideas don’t have presence until you have to stand back and look up at them.

Where can we see your work at the moment?

I have two pieces in the national museum of Wales digital collection. I currently have work on show at Tower 42 in the city. Gallery Nummer 40 in the Netherlands will be showing a range of “Masterplan” paintings at various UK and European art fairs through the year.

Have you received any awards?

None. I’m not happy about this. People tell me I should enter competitions.

What do you enjoy about being at WAS?

WAS is a relaxed creative space filled with hundreds of very interesting artists. It’s my happy place. Unlike other studios, WAS lets me run a studio with industrial CNC machinery and power tools. They open 24 hours, so I can work till 3am.

For more information on Vaughn and his work visit


WAS Artists shortlisted for SWA Annual Exhibition

WAS Artists shortlisted for SWA Annual Exhibition

We're thrilled that Henrietta StuartDawn Beckles, and Ingrid Lucas have had work shortlisted for the annual Society of Women Artists 156th annual exhibition. 

The exhibition, which takes place at Mall Galleries from Monday 3 July to Sunday 9 July, started in 1857 to give female artists a platform on which to show their work. In the mid-nineteenth century, women were not considered to be serious contributors to the field of art and had great difficulty in obtaining a public showing. At the first exhibition, 149 women showed 358 works, some hiding their true identities for fear of social recrimination. 

Congratulations and good luck for the next round

You can see Henrietta, Dawn and Ingrid at the May Open Studios, 11 - 14th May. Pre-book your ticket here




All your framing needs, right here in the studios

All your framing needs, right here in the studios

Hi Jon, so what do you do at Wimbledon Art Studios?

Operating a picture framing business under the name of ‘Wimbledon Studio Frames’.

How would you describe your business?

I’d like to think I'm both an upcoming and established business. I began my framing career when I took a space at Wimbledon Art Studios, having completed my initial training as a framer. Now my frames can be seen all over the world, thanks to all those talented artists I've worked with.

Describe the work you frame?

Being located within Wimbledon Art Studios, home to a diverse range of artists working across all media, I have framed all types of work. Boxing gloves, crewel, embroidery, canvases, ceramics, watercolours, collage, photography, sculpture, oils, chalk pastels, oil pastels, charcoal, textiles; works for museums and galleries. And works for schools, for parents, for homes, offices, sports centres…

So what do you get up to at the show?

During the show, my doors will be open, and two framers will be on hand to deal with any enquiries. This could be for work purchased during the show, or anything else pertaining to framing.

Anything new for 2017?

New methods, new products, new approaches!

Any celebrity or well-known gallery buyers? (that you can mention)

Where would I start...

What do you enjoy about being at Wimbledon Art Studios?

As a picture framer, I could not wish for a more exciting environment in which to develop my practise and skills. Everyday can present a new challenge, perspective and approach. I get to work alongside highly talented artists, makers, printers, photographers: if it’s a creative discipline or related practise, you’ll probably find someone doing it at Wimbledon Art Studios. It’s an extremely dynamic and fluid environment.

I also enjoy being equally open to the public, as is a High Street framer, providing a comprehensive service, guaranteeing quality and consideration, regardless of the type of work that needs framing. My co-worker James Kelman, who has worked in the framing industry for over twenty years, brings a wealth of practical experience to the workshop. Between the two of us, we can ensure that your work will be framed to the highest standard, and in such a way that it can be appreciated for decades, if not generations, to come. 



Joanne Edwards Millinery on UTV @ The Grand National, Aintree

Joanne Edwards Millinery on UTV @ The Grand National, Aintree

Joanne Edwards Millinery, of studio 315, spent the day with UTV Life at the Grand National, Aintree, last week. 

Joanne made a bespoke headpiece for presenter Rita Fitzgerald, who was amongst others sporting a Joanne Edwards masterpiece. 

"My passion is both designing and hand-making unique and elegant hats which expertly compliment an outfit, ensuring women feel exquisite during their most special of occasions. It's a wonderful privilege to work with a client, selecting colours, materials, trimmings and silhouettes which beautifully enhance and complete their outfit on what is often one of the most important days of their life." 

Having recently moved to Wimbledon Art Studios, we're delighted to have Joanne onboard. You can see more of her work at or come and see her at the Wimbledon Open Studios on the 11th - 14th May 2017. Pre-book your ticket here and you could be in with the chance to win £200 to spend! 

Jacqui Kelly sculpts Beyonce from 40kg of cheese

Jacqui Kelly sculpts Beyonce from 40kg of cheese

Resident food sculptor, Jacqui Kelly of Totally Sugar London, recently made the news after creating a pregnant Beyonce out of 40kgs of cheese... more commonly known as Brieyonce!

The sculpture, that was commission by the East Village London cheese carving competition, hit the headlines last weekend causing quite the stir!

We were lucky enough to get a sneak peek of this cheesy Beyonce in progress. 

Jacqui Kelly creating a statue of Beyonce, made from 40kg of cheese!

Jacqui Kelly creating a statue of Beyonce, made from 40kg of cheese!

The finished product, on show at the East Village London cheese and wine festival

The finished product, on show at the East Village London cheese and wine festival

We caught up with Jacqui before this cheesy affair; here's an insight into Totally Sugar, the Queen and Jacqui's ventures in America. 

Hi Jacqui, tell us where it all began...

Started to cake decorate as a hobby eight years ago, with a full time job as an Event Manager at The Royal Albert Hall. I was invited to create the Coronation Crown on top of the official HRH Queens Diamond Jubilee cake, I quit my job and set up Totally Sugar.

 So what is Totally Sugar?

Totally Sugar is me, basically! I create large scale sugar show pieces, food art installations, international sugar artist and teach too. 

Where can we see your work?

Buckingham Palace!! Queen wouldn’t cut the cake and it’s still on show in a special cabinet. Plus adverts, showcases, competitions, magazines - I write regular tutorials and pieces for the cake and sugar industry magazines including front covers. 

So what have you been working on recently?

Teaching internationally: Austin, New York, Miami, Orlando - sound more like a tour of the theme parks! I don't know what's next, as the projects normally come in a week before they are needed.

Have you won any awards?

Guinness World Record holder for the World’s largest cake (10m x 12m!) and I'm a multi award winner -14 Gold medals at Cake International and Winner of Best In Show at Cake International 2014

Most famous clients or projects we might recognise?

Lots of celebs when I was practising my skills at the RAH

The Queen!

Green & Blacks - edible chocolate Trees, BBC - Proms & Radio 3, TV centre& Broadcasting House, Walkers Crisps (the dragon) Cadburys (the chocolate jumper)

Kerrang the 35th Birthday cake cover.

World Meat Free Day(the life-sized Pastry Fat calf)

Fox TV - Jack & Ozzys world tour - headless bat cakes

NCIS anniversary

Walking Dead series release 3 & 4

Dinosaur week (dino bones) T-rex autopsy - (life sized TRex body parts)

Cake & Bake Show- show cakes 2015 giant chair and cake storybook character giant choc Gruffalo and Paddington Bear, 2016 6'4 BFG head from Marzipan, Vue Cinemas - Carved scary pumpkins

Jamie Oliver’s sugar campaign - 3 larger than life sculpted people from sugar

Would you recommend Wimbledon Art Studios to other artists?

Definitely! The comradery is priceless, the diversity unparalleled. That you can close your door and work hard or walk around and chat for inspiration, 24 hours a day.

So many talented artists that can offer artistic advice and practical help but also career & business advice.

You may start small perhaps as a hobby or an escape but you have the ability to grow with in the studio as your business grows. I am now in my third and dream studio and working full time at my passion.

For more information on Jacqui and her impressive portfolio visit

Artist Interview with Tim Goffe

Artist Interview with Tim Goffe

We hear you've been shortlisted for the Royal Academy Summer Show, congratulations! Tell us a bit about your work...

Drawing on my past as a photographer, my work is observational but indulges in a painterly approach. I'm known for urban and industrial scenes, empty shops, service stations, airports, interiors, light and its power to transform is always the key initial inspiration.

Are you working on anything new for the 2017 Open Studios? Anything exciting we should look out for?

All of the above, as well as the continuing the investigation into the interiors of stately homes. New print editions and a secret surprise!

That does sound exciting. Where can we find your work at the moment?

Currently showing in Dynamite Gallery Brighton. Often to be seen in the Federation of British Artists shows at the Mall Galleries and Zimmer Stuart Arundel.

Any awards?

In 2014 I received The Gordon Hulson Memorial Prize for Draughtsmanship, Variety & Exploration at the RBA show at the Mall Galleries

Any celebrity or well-known gallery buyers? (you can mention)

Yes, some well known but secretive collectors, you’ll have to trust me on this one :)

Thanks Tim, we look forward to see your work at the Open Studios.

For more information about Tim's work visit

WAS artists shortlisted for Royal Academy Summer Show

WAS artists shortlisted for Royal Academy Summer Show

We're delighted to announce that four Wimbledon Art Studios artists have been shortlisted for the Royal Academy of Arts London Summer Show 2017.

Tim Goffe, Annie Rouse, Beatriz Elorza, Henrietta Stuart and Judith Brenner have all been shortlisted from thousands of applicants for the most prestigious art exhibition in the world. 

Congratulations and good luck!

You can see Tim, Annie, Beatriz, Henrietta and Judith at the Wimbledon Open Studios on the 11th - 14th May, alongside other Wimbledon Art Studio artists. Pre-book your FREE ticket here now and you could win £200 to spend on art.